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TOEIC(R)問題 毎日トレーニング


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本日のトレーニング Part 7 読解問題


Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following product review.

The Walk Smart Pedometer

Everyone is concerned with their health and fitness these days. One of the best, easiest and most overlooked ways to get daily exercise is walking more. It's free, it's easy, and most people can start today.

The folks at Walk Smart realize that more people are walking for weight loss and fitness today than ever before. That means they want more information. How far did I walk today? How fast am I walking? How many steps in a mile? How many calories am I actually burning?

The Walk Smart pedometer answers all of those questions and more. In a package that you can clip on your belt that's smaller than the average cellphone, they've created a wealth of walking information. It operates in two modes: everyday mode and workout mode. The first measures your step total throughout the day and your total distance; you just leave it on and do your regular routine. That's great to get an idea of how much you walk (or don't walk) on an average day. The exercise mode can tell you anything you want to know. Your speed, your distance in the last hour, how many calories you are actually burning, how far you need to walk to burn 1,000 calories, etc. Just about any information you might want is right there at your fingertips.

It's light, small, well-made and at a retail price of $75.00, a bargain. I highly recommend it.

What is mentioned about walking for exercise?

(A) It is often not considered a form of exercise.
(B) It is one of the fastest growing fitness trends.
(C) It is recommended by doctors.
(D) Millions of people do it every day.

What does the everyday mode measure?

(A) Daily average of steps
(B) Pace
(C) Total calories burned
(D) Total distance

What does the reviewer NOT praise about the product?

(A) Its design
(B) Its functions
(C) Its price
(D) Its size



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