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TOEIC(R)問題 毎日トレーニング


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本日のトレーニング Part 7 読解問題


Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following memo.

To: All Night Staff
From: Jim Hicks, Daytime Supervisor

We will be having visitors on Tuesday and Thursday of next week in the South and East buildings. They will be two groups from our new Swedish parent company, Hilgo. They will be touring our facilities to observe how we do things in general and look for changes and improvements that can be made both here and in their Danish and Finnish divisions.

As their visits will most likely be first thing in the morning on both days, we would like to ask the special cooperation of the night staff in making sure that the plant looks presentable. I know that Monday is a big order day and Wednesday is busy due to the garbage and recycling pickup the next morning, so I'm aware that you have a lot to do on those days already. What I am asking is for each employee to make sure his workstation and team area are clean before leaving, to make sure the common areas look spotless, and make sure that all trash and recycling are in the proper areas outdoors ready for pickup.

Thank you in advance for your extra effort. I honestly appreciate your dedication and hard work during this special week.

Why are the representatives visiting the plant?

(A) They are considering remodeling the plant.
(B) They are doing a yearly tour.
(C) They are doing an equipment inventory.
(D) They are looking for ways to increase performance.

When is Mr. Hicks asking for employees' cooperation?

(A) All this week
(B) Most of the next week
(C) Next Monday and Wednesday
(D) Next Tuesday and Thursday

What does Mr. Hicks ask each employee to do?

(A) Clean their work areas
(B) Meet the representatives
(C) Remove recycling from outside
(D) Work overtime to fulfill orders