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Lesson 1: リズムの山-強く発音される音



Kathleen: Rusty McFee! Come over here!
Rusty: Kathleen! Kathleen Donovan! Long time no see.
K: I know. How are you?
R: Not bad. How 'bout yourself?
K: I (1) (2) .
R: The last time I saw you, you were dating that nerd Winfred Hughes. What an egghead that guy was. I wonder what happened to him.
K: I (3) him.
R: Oh!
K: He owns a computer software company. It has 300 (4) .
R: Gee.
K: Who do you work for, Rusty?
R: Me? I...um...I'm in the refreshment delivery business. I drive an ice cream truck.
K: Good for you.
R: It's a living. On a hot day I make about a hundred dollars...plus all the ice cream I can eat.
K: By the way, Rusty, Winfred and I are having a get-together next Saturday night. I'd like to invite you to the party.
R: Great. Where's your house?
K: It will be at our (5) by the lake. Here's the address. Cocktails are at seven, dinner is at eight .
R: Should I bring something? Fudgesicles? Ice cream sandwiches?
K: No, we'll take care of everything. I know Winfred would like to see you again. Unfortunately he couldn't attend the reunion.
R: I understand-work before pleasure.
K: Right. But we'll see you on Saturday night, okay?.
R: I'm looking forward to it.



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