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Lesson 2: リズムの山-弱く発音される音



June: Hello, sir. What can I get you?
Max: I'd like a cup of coffee-with cream and sugar, please.
J: All right. We have Columbian roast, French roast, Italian roast, mocha, almond mocha, Kona coffee and Java blend.
M: Uh...I'll have French roast.
J: (1) here or to go? .
M: To go. And a jelly doughnut, too.
J: We don't have jelly doughnuts. We have blueberry muffins, walnut muffins, bran muffins, banana bread or carrot cake.
M: Uh...a blueberry muffin.
J: Coming right up.
M: I used to come here every morning for coffee, but that was 20 years ago. The owner was named Red.
J: Red is my dad. He retired (2) moved to Florida. My name's June.
M: Nice to meet you, June. I'm Max, Max Millard.
J: Nice to meet you, Max.
M: The place (3) changed. It looks a lot better.
J: Thanks. I tried to fix (4) up.
M: And the menu. Red used to serve coffee-only plain coffee.
J: Dad is kind of old-fashioned.
M: Well, I hope he's having a good time in Florida. I imagine (5) playing lots of golf, right?
J: He played golf about three times. He hated it. So he opened up another coffee shop down in Fort Lauderdale. Here's your coffee and muffin. Anything else?
M: That will be all, thanks.
J: That's $5.25.
M: Here you are. Well, tell Red I said hello.
J: I will, Max. Goodbye.



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