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Lesson 3: 変化する強勢・リズム



Maggie: Where (1)he? He said to meet him here at 6:30.
Tony: Hi. Sorry I'm late. Thanks for waiting.
M: Where were you?
T: Oh, you see (2) green house? That's where I was.
M: What were you doing there?
T: It looks like a house, but it's really a restaurant. This is our six-week anniversary, so I wanted to take you somewhere special.
M: Oh, I can't wait.
T: It's called The Garlic Palace.
M: Garlic? You don't like garlic, (3) you?
T: Yes, I do like garlic. It's my favorite food. Come on, our table is waiting.
M: That's where we're going to eat dinner?
T: Right. I go there all the time. It specializes in garlic-flavored dishes...garlic pizza, garlic bread, garlic hamburgers. You're going to love it.
M: Oh, my God.
T: What's the matter?
M: I hate garlic. It makes me sick to my stomach. Even the smell of it makes me sick.
T: This is a problem. I had no idea you hated garlic.
M: Well, I do.
T: Look, Maggie. I don't know how to tell you this, but...
M: But what?
T: I don't think this relationship is going to work.
M: Because I don't like garlic?
T: Garlic is very important to me.
M: And what about me?
T: I'm sorry. Goodbye, Maggie.



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