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Lesson 4: 区別しにくい母音



Rick: Hi, Debbie. How's it going?
Debbie: Pretty good, thanks. How about you? Studying hard?
R: I sure am. See this library? This is where I (1)last night.
D: You're kidding. I didn't know you were so studious.
R: Well, normally I'm not, but I'm going skiing this weekend. I wanted to do my (2) for next week before I go.
D: Oh, I see. Who are you going skiing with?
R: (3) and his girlfriend.
And I was(4)...would you like to come?
D: Well, it's nice of you to ask, but I've never been skiing.
R: Debbie, this is Colorado----everybody skis here.
D: I know-that's what all my friends tell me. But I (5) up in Hawaii. You don't get many chances to ski there.
R: You grew up in Hawaii? I didn't know that. When did you (6) there?
D: When I started going to school here. But I'm still afraid to ski.
R: Then this'll be a great chance to overcome your fear.
D: But I don't have any ski equipment.
R: You can rent everything there.
D: No,...I don't think so.
R: Why not?
D: Actually...I hate the (7).
R: Oh.
D: Thanks for asking, though. Say hello to (8).



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