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Lesson 5: 区別しにくい子音



Monica: Hi, Doug. Is it OK if I sit here?
Doug: Oh, sure, Monica. Have a (1) .
M: What's that you're drinking? It looks interesting.
D: It's tropical fruit soda. Would you like to take a (2) ?
M: OK, thanks...Yuck! It's terrible.
D: I know. This has been a terrible day in general. But I don't want to bore you with my problems.
M: Go ahead. Bore me.
D: Well, we had a test today in history, and I did really well on it.
M: Gee, Doug, that is terrible.
D: Wait. I'm not finished. When time was up, our teacher told us to (3) the papers, so everyone started passing them to the front.
M: So then what happened?
D: Just when the papers got to me, I thought about one of my answers and I realized it was a (4) response.
M: Uh-oh. So you changed it?
D: I couldn't resist. And the teacher saw me and (5) I was copying from another paper.
M: Did you explain?
D: I tried to, but she said we have to stop writing when she tells us to.
M: What did you do then?
D: I argued with her. That was my second mistake... Ugh, and this soda was my third.



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