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Lesson 7: 1つになったり、隣の音で変化する音-同化



Conner: What's your next class?
Grace: Chemistry.(1) ?
C: I have a break until four. Then I have a basketball class.
G: Tough schedule.
C: I know. Hey,(2) on your chemistry test last week ?
G: Not very well.
C: What was your score?
G: (3) . Just thinking about that class makes me depressed.
C: Okay, but just tell me what your score was.
G: I'd rather not say.
C: How did David do?
G: David got a 47.
C: Does David have to take the exam again?
G: Of course. (4) this time.
C: Boy, that class must be hard. Did you at least score higher than David?
G: Look, I said (5) , okay? I hate chemistry! I hate it!
C: All right. All right. No need to get upset.
G: I'm sorry. Let's talk about something else.
C: Okay. Um...(6) ?
G: Just a little. Chemistry class takes my appetite away.
C: Why don't you skip class? We can.(7) my house watch a video.
G: I wish I could. What video did you rent?
C: Madame Curie.
G: The movie about the famous French chemist?!
C: Yeah, that's right.
G: Ugghh!!!



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