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Lesson 8: 聞こえなくなる音



Clerk: Hello. Can I help you?
Man: I'd like a room. Do you have any vacancies?
C: I'm sorry. We're all (1) for the weekend.
M: Oh, no.
C: Wait---I just remembered. Mr. Harris in room 105 (2) this morning. So we do have one single room available.
M: Great. I'll take it.
C: The rate is 50 dollars a night.
M: Fine.
C: Are you from around here?
M: No, I'm from the(3) .
C: Where?
M: Seattle.
C: Oh, Seattle's a lovely city.
M: Thank you. This area is nice, too. I'm planning to(4) tomorrow.
C: That sounds like fun.
M: Could you tell me how to(5) the city?
  I'm afraid I'll(6) .
C: Sure. It's easy. Just take Highway 12 north until you reach the Massachusetts Turnpike. Take the turnpike all the way into the city.
M: Thank you.
C: Are you meeting someone in the city, or will you be sightseeing by yourself?
M: I'm going to meet my sister. She lives in Washington, D.C., but she bought a(7) - Boston.
C: How wonderful. And you two will go sightseeing together.
M: That's right.
C: Well, here's your key. You're in room 105.
M: Thank you.



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