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Lesson 9: 脱落する音


Lisa: Did you see that!?
Wendell: No, what happened? What was that noise?
L: Some workers dropped a piano from the third floor of a building. I couldn't (1) my eyes.
W: Incredible. Was anyone hurt?
L: See the woman across the street?
W: The woman in the red dress?
L: Yes. She was almost crushed by the piano.
W: You're kidding.
L: No. I saw the whole thing. She was walking down the street. The woman(2) and...
W: And what?
L: And she bent down to pick up. Suddenly the piano crashed right in front of her.
W: You mean, if she(3) kept walking, the piano
  (4) ?
L: Yes.
W: Boy, this must be her lucky day.
L: I can't wait to tell my friend Bruce about this.
W: Bruce? Who Bruce?
L: Bruce works at the restaurant with me, but writing is his (5) .
W: Do you think he'll be interested in this?
L: Sure. He sells freelance articles to newspapers. I can tell (6) exactly what happened.
W: Why don't you write the story yourself?
L: That's good idea, Wendell.



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