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Lesson 10: 短縮形の音


Floyd: Hey, Martha. Remember me? Floyd Farber.
Martha: Hello, Floyd. It's nice to see you again.
F: It's been a long time, (1) it?
M: It certainly has. Twenty years, to be exact.
F: Everyone said you were living overseas and (2) coming to the reunion.
M: I just moved back to town this week. Hey, (3) your wife?
F: Karen is over there, talking to some other people right now.
M: (4) she doing these days?
F: She's doing great.
M: I'm glad to hear that.
F: So, Martha, why did you decide to move back?
M: To tell you the truth, the company I was working for went bankrupt. Now I have to find a new job.
F: (5) too bad. What kind of company was it?
M: A computer software company. I was designing new software.
F: What a coincidence. Karen and I started our own software company a few years ago.
M: You did? Good for you. (4) business?
F: Business is good. In fact, would you like to work for me? I could use someone smart like you.
M: Are you kidding? (6) love to.
F: Good. (7) my business card. Call me on Monday and we'll talk more about the job.
M: Thank you so much, Floyd.
F: Not at all. You're doing me a favor. Now, (8) you glad that you came to the reunion?
M: I sure am.



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