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Lesson 11: イントネーション


Tricia: Tell me a little bit about yourself, Leonard.
Leonard: Sure, Tricia. What would you like to know?
T: What are you majoring in?
L: I'm majoring in psycholinguistics.
T: You're (1) ?
L: Psycholinguistics. It's the study of the relationship between language and the behavior of the people who use it.
T: How interesting.
L: Not really. In fact, it's incredibly boring. I don't know why I ever chose that major. I'm thinking of quitting school and moving to New York.
T: I was in New York last year.
L: Oh, (2) ?
T: Yes, it was fantastic. What an exciting city.
L: I envy you. I've never been anywhere. My life is (3) .
T: Come on! It (4) .
L: It is.
T: Then let's think of something crazy to do.
L: How about bowling? That's kind of, you know, crazy.
T: No, Leonard. Let's do something really wild.
L: (5) ?
T: Let's go bungee jumping.
L: (6) ?
T: Bungee jumping. You jump off a really high place with an elastic rope tied around your ankles.
L: I don't know. It sounds kind of dangerous.
T: It's completely safe. You'll love it.
L: Have you ever done it before?
T: No, (7) . What do you say, Leonard?
L: Are you sure you wouldn't like to go bowling instead?



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