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Lesson 12: カタカナ英語



Mabel: Hi, Chuck. How are you?
Chuck: Just fine, Mabel. And yourself?
M: Good. Do you want the usual today--- (1) ,bean sprout
  (2) and carrot juice?
C: No, Mabel. Today, I'll have something different.
M: OK. What would you like?
C: I'd like a large order of French (3) and a hamburger, please.
M: Excuse me?
C: You heard me.
M: But Chuck, you're a vegetarian!
C: Not anymore, Mabel.
M: What about your low-fat diet?
C: That's all in the past. From now on, I eat what I want, when I want.
M: Chuck, I can't let you do this.
C: You can't? In that case, I want to speak to the manager, please.
M: Hold on a minute, Chuck. Your doctor said…
C: My doctor died yesterday, Mabel. He had a (4) . That low-fat diet didn't help him.
M: OK, Chuck. You know best. Anything to drink?
C: Yes, a large root beer.
M: Root beer. OK. And for (5) ?
C: Ah, yes, dessert. I'll have a (6) ice cream. No, wait. Make that two
(6) ice creams. I have a lot of catching up to do.



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