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第17回 ゴールデンウイークと後遺症
Vol.17 Golden Week and its after effects

How was Golden Week named?

ゴールデンウイークが終わってリフレッシュ! あるいは混雑の中で疲労困憊(こんぱい)……。いろんな面が見られる連休ですが、そういえばそもそもゴールデンウイークの名前はどこからきたのでしょう……。

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It's controversial to call the week "golden"!

The name Golden Week (GW) is actually what a film company called the week. Because many people went to the theater during that week, the film company had many customers so they named the period GW. Actually, it's quite controversial to call the week "golden."


The name Golden Week has been changed to "the long vacation in May"

Why is it so controversial? Because there are many people who can't take holidays during the period and some people just don't think we should use an English term for a Japanese national holiday. Additionally, it's also controversial to use a name which was created for business purposes for a national matter. That's why some media prefer to use the term "the long vacation in May" these days.


Both positive and negative elements characterize GW

After GW, you'll see some people looking very refreshed, but others looking tired or even depressed. The latter are suffering from the so-called "May Disease," for which there are a couple of popular explanations. One is that a number of people start a new life in a new environment from April but some cannot adjust to it and so around GW those people are exhausted. Another reason is that after a long vacation, people just don't feel like going back to their regular routine. These positive and negative elements both characterize GW, a holiday peculiar to Japan.



It is said that a film company called the period Golden Week, because they had many customers during the period, and then the media started using the name.

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