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2012/10 Up

第27回 サンマを英語で焼いてみよう
Vol.27 Let's grill Pacific sauries using English directions.

How do you judge the freshness of Pacific sauries, sanma?


* 赤い色の語句の上にマウスカーソルを移動させる(スマホの場合はタップする)と語注が表示されます

When you grill Pacific sauries, sanma, they make a sizzling sound because of the dripping oil and spread a savory aroma throughout the kitchen. Their delicious smell increases the appetite. Fresh Pacific sauries have clear eyes and a yellowish mouth; old ones have bloodshot eyes.

Knowing not only how to grill sauries, but also how to precook them is very important to get a great taste. Let's take a look at how to grill sauries for the best results!




1.  Wash sauries under running water to clean and take off the smell.
2.  Sprinkle them with salt. Use a teaspoon of salt per four sauries.
3.  Leave them for about 10 minutes and wipe the water off the surface.
4.  Cut them in half (as your preference). When you cut them, cut around the anus to
avoid the internal organs coming out.
5.  To avoid burning the tails, which burn easily, wrap them in aluminum foil.


1. 洗う:流水で洗って、汚れと匂いを取る。
2. 塩をふる:(高いところから)塩をふる。塩の量は、サンマ4匹に対して
3. しばらく置く:10分ほどおいたら、表面の水をふき取る。
4. (好みで)半分に切る:切るときには、肛門あたりに切り込みを入れると、内臓が
5. しっぽにアルミ箔(はく)をまく:焦げやすい部分の焦げを防ぐ。


1.  Grill sauries on the back side*
  Grill the sauries on the back side with a slightly stronger heat than medium.
After 5 minutes grilling, if they aren't brown enough, grill them an additional
one to two minutes until nicely charred.
2.  Grill them on the front side*
  Turn the sauries over and grill them for about four minutes until nicely charred.
To grill the front side later, you can have the crispy skin on the upside.

*Front side is the upside of the fish when you serve. Basically, head is set on the left and the belly part comes front and grated daikon is put on the right front part on the dish.


1.  裏面*から焼く
2.  表面*を焼く
表面を後で焼くことで、 カリッとした表面に仕上がります。

*食事のときに上にくるほうを表面(下に来る方を裏面)とします。 魚の盛り付けの基本は頭が左、腹手前、大根おろしが右手前です。

【To Serve】
Garnish each serving of sauries with grated daikon (Japanese radish) and a slice of citrus fruit. If you like, you can add soy sauce. Serve immediately while they are still hot.



Fresh Pacific sauries have clear eyes and a yellowish mouth; old ones have bloodshot eyes.

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