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第46回 日本の外食を眺めてみよう!(2)
Vol.46 Let’s take a look at the dining-out culture in Japan, Part 2

Which are the three highest earning restaurant chains in Japan?

前回は、参勤交代のサムライの外食から、70年代のファミレスブームなどを眺めてみました。その後、バブル期に「イタ飯」なんて言葉が流行し、そこからファーストフード、ファミレス、そして健康志向などへと外食の傾向は移り変わってきました。今の外食産業のトレンドはどのようなものでしょうか? 今回は近年の日本の外食について眺めてみましょう!

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A wide variety of restaurants became popular in the mid-1980s

In the mid-1980s, right before Japan's bubble era, a wide variety of restaurants became popular. They served spicy, ethnic food, French cuisine or Italian cuisine (so-called Ita-meshi). In parallel with the gourmet boom-a time when the phrase “all Japanese are gourmet” became common-many restaurant guide books were published. Gourmet-themed TV shows were also broadcast, in which famous chefs cooked exquisite food and competed with one another.


What are the most important factors for people dining out in Japan?

These days many people prefer food that is good for your health and reasonably priced. At the same time, famires and fast food restaurants are increasing in number. The sales rankings show Zensho (a famires company) in first place, McDonald's second and Yoshinoya (the beef bowl restaurant) third, followed by Watami (an izakaya chain) and then Starbucks. It is said that the quality of the food and service are, along with reasonable prices, the most important factors for people dining out in Japan.


It’s hard to find terrible food in Japan!?

On the other hand, high class venues are also popular and well-established restaurants serving sushi, French cuisine and other specialties offer courses that start from 10,000 yen per person. French chef Lionel Beccat of Restaurant ESqUISSE in Ginza, said “There are few countries where the possibility of being served poor quality food is as low as in Japan.” Regardless of price range and formality, it seems that Japanese restaurants are high quality from every point of view.


The top restaurant chain by sales is a family restaurant company, Zensho, which runs Cocos, Sukiya and others. The second is McDonald's. The third is Yoshinoya. Watami, Colowide and Starbucks follow.

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