Part7 読解問題 練習問題

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Questions 1-5 refer to the following e-mail and list.
To: Mitch Moore
From: James Smythe

Subject: Information you requested


Here's a list of community resources in the Fountain Hills area. In the Fountain Hills downtown area we have a few centers that serve the general public. I hope you will include that information in your upcoming article. I also listed a couple of places in the surrounding area. It's not uncommon for Fountain Hills residents to go to a neighboring town for a special cultural event, as we are a fairly small town. The nearest library is in a neighboring town, but that's only 20 miles away.

Aside from the activities I've listed, there are plenty of other seasonal events that spring up quickly around here, so please keep an eye out for those, and hopefully you can help publicize them as they come up. For more specific information about the events listed, please contact the respective facilities.

Best of luck,
James Smythe

Regional Cultural Centers in the Fountain Hills area

Facility: Location: Activities:
Fountain Hills Community Center Fountain Hills Day-care, classes, health club, open to public
Fountain Chamber Fountain Hills Special events, annual yard sale, art and cultural classes
Graham Sports Plaza Graham Sports for kids, gym, exercise classes for seniors
Green Valley Library Green Valley County library, classes for adults and children, ESL, citizenship classes, voting and tax preparation help


What does James hope Mitch will do about seasonal events?

(A) Give them official titles
(B) Help organize them
(C) Inform people in the area about them
(D) Participate in them



Why did James include Green Valley Library in the list?

(A) It holds many special events.
(B) It holds the event Mitch wants to write about.
(C) It is the biggest library in the city.
(D) It is the closest library to Fountain Hills.



According to the list, how many centers can people exercise at?

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4



Which center offers classes for immigrants?

(A) Fountain Chamber
(B) Fountain Hills Community center
(C) Graham Sports Plaza
(D) Green Valley Library



How can Mitch get details about the annual yard sale?

(A) By calling Fountain Hills Community Center
(B) By contacting Fountain Chamber
(C) By e-mailing James
(D) By visiting Fountain Hills City Hall