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2013/11 Up

第54回 鍋の季節がやってきた!
Vol.54 The season for nabe-mono has arrived!

What kind of cuisine comes to mind when you think of nabe-mono?


* 赤い色の語句の上にマウスカーソルを移動させる(スマホの場合はタップする)と語注が表示されます

What does nabe mean in the winter season?

Nabe-mono is a Japanese cuisine quite similar to stew. When we refer to nabe in this season, we mean the practice of putting a pot over a burner in the center of the table and boiling vegetables, seafood, meat and other ingredients as per your preference. People serve themselves into their own small dish. Sukiyaki and shabushabu are also a kind of nabe-mono, but these are not generally included in the winter nabe-mono category. Actually, recent research shows that if you eat nabe with other people you'll experience relaxed brain waves and find it easier to socialize.


The top three dishes people associate with nabe cuisine.

When Japanese people hear nabe-mono, the following are the top three nabe dishes that come to mind.
Mizutaki-nabe : Boiled vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage and scallion, with seafood and other ingredients in a seaweed or fish-based soup. Ingredients are dipped in ponzu, which is sour soy sauce, and eaten.
Yose-nabe: Boiled vegetables and other ingredients are served in soup seasoned with soy sauce, miso, salt, sake and so on.
Chanko-nabe : A sumo wrestlers' meal that can be prepared as a variation on both mizutaki and yose-nabe. There are many chanko-nabe recipes using a chicken soup base.

水炊き鍋: 白菜や長ネギ、魚介ほか好きなものを昆布や魚のダシで煮るもの。具は、ポン酢につけて食べる。
寄せ鍋: 野菜などをダシに、しょう油、みそ、塩、酒などで味付けしたスープで煮るもの。
ちゃんこ鍋: 相撲取りの食事で、水炊きも寄せ鍋のスタイルも見られる。鳥のスープで煮たものが多い。

What kind of nabe is popular in 2013?

Ishikari-nabe, a regional specialty of Hokkaido, kimuchi-nabe with Korean kimuchi and nabe with a soy-bean milk soup base are also popular. In addition to these nabe dishes, there are also new styles such as pork soup-nabe, curry soup-nabe and somewhat peculiar combinations with cheese, tomatoes and so on. One particular trend we are seeing in the nabe boom this year is that of small luxurious nabe using expensive ingredients, such as sea urchins, matsutake mushrooms, foie gras, matsuzaka beef and others.

また、北海道の郷土料理の石狩鍋、韓国料理のキムチを使ったキムチ鍋、豆乳鍋なども人気です。 最近は豚骨スープやカレースープ鍋、チーズ入りやトマト味など変わりダネも見られます。そして今年の流行はプチぜいたく鍋。うに、松茸、フォアグラ、松坂牛など高価な食材を使ったものが人気だそうですよ。


Many questionnaires show that the top three dishes that people associate with nabe, or hot pot, are mizutaki, yose-nabe and chanko.

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