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第63回 英語で作る、おいしい卵焼き
Vol. 63 Japanese Rolled Omelet Recipe, in English

What are the basic ingredients used in making tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet)?


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You can tell a cook's level of expertise by their a Japanese omelet

Japanese rolled omelet (tamagoyaki) is one of the most popular Japanese cuisines not only among kids but also adults. Also, it is said that you can tell the level of Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants from the taste of their tamagoyaki. It's pretty easy to cook tamagoyaki. However, to make it fluffy and tasty, you need to practice a lot. It is commonly added to lunch boxes as well as being popularly eaten at home. Let's take a look at how to make delicious tamagoyaki.


How to cook delicious tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet)

Serves two
Ingredients: 3 large eggs
4 tablespoons dashi (fish soup stock)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon mirin (an essential condiment)
1 pinch of salt
Adequate amount of cooking oil (Add 1 tablespoon oil and remove extra oil with folded paper towel)


  1. Gently mix the eggs in a bowl using chopsticks. Don't whip the eggs.
  2. Mix the seasonings well in another bowl and pour the seasonings mixture into the mixed egg and whisk gently.
  3. Heat the pan over a medium high heat, add oil to the pan and remove any extra oil with a folded paper towel. See if the pan is hot enough by dripping a little bit of the egg mixture from your chopsticks.
  4. Pour a thin layer of the egg mixture into the pan and move it around to cover the pan. When the bottom of the egg is set but the top is still soft, start rolling it into a log shape from the front side of the pan to the back.
  5. Add oil to the pan with a paper towel and pour in more egg mixture. Make sure to lift the previously rolled omelet to spread the egg mixture underneath it. Once again, when the underside is set but the top is still soft roll one side to the other. Repeat this again and again.
  6. Brown the surface slightly to your preference.
  7. Wrap the omelet in a bamboo mat to shape the egg while it's still hot.
  8. Cut the omelet into slices (about one centimeter wide). Serve with grated daikon, cut dried laver (seaweed) and soy sauce.

卵焼きの作り方 2人前
ダシ 大さじ4杯
砂糖 大さじ1杯
醤油 小さじ1杯
塩 ひとつまみ
油 適量

  1. 卵をボールの中で箸を使って混ぜる。卵は泡立てない。
  2. 別のボールでダシを混ぜ合わせ、卵に流し込んで優しく混ぜる。
  3. 中火でフライパンを温めて油を敷き、余分な油は折り畳んだペーパーで取る。フライパンが十分に温まっているか、少しの卵を箸で入れてみる。
  4. フライパンに薄く卵を流し込み、フライパン全体をカバーするように動かす。下が焼けて、まだ上部が軟らかいうちに、卵を手前から筒状に巻いて奥に転がす。
  5. ペーパーで油を敷いたら、先に巻いた卵を持ち上げて、その下に行き渡るよう再度卵を流し込む。
  6. 好みで卵焼きの表面にうっすら焦げ目を付ける。
  7. 卵焼きをす巻きの上に置いて、熱いうちに形を整える。
  8. 卵焼きを切り分ける(1センチほどに)。大根おろし、刻みのり、しょうゆと一緒に出す。


In addition to eggs, we usually add dashi (fish soup stock), mirin (sweet rice wine), sugar, soy sauce and a pinch of salt. It’s also important to have an adequate amount of cooking oil.

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